Where you are nobody: CONTENTS


The writer’s will and testament, April 1994
Sunday, 31 December 1995

Back to 15 April 1996 at 19:56 and 25 seconds
“Jacob” writes a story
The pawn and the order of kings and bishops
Basically a tramp

Chonju City, South Korea – Sunday, 7 July 1996
Week two in Chonju City
Weeks, months … and is it too early for a plan?
Grey skies and boredom
Observations, books, and a valuable life experience
Three-four-four-five-three … ten-fourteen (has anyone seen my target?)
White stuff on the cars
Fear and uncertainty that prompt you forward
A long year is nearing its end
I so badly want to … not be here
Okay, the latrine hits the air conditioner
I feel home, hear the seconds tick by, but think long-term
Today is primitive – learn to appreciate it
Phases and queries
Life is a train journey
That’s how I felt then
Idea for a “story”
If everything is justifiable, where do you stand?
Lost and confused, but heading home
Isolation and the (good) reasons for it
Opportunities, plans and objectives
IDEALISTS and their conflict
The key to success
New things and old things
Reconciliation with the monster
The truth is too sweet (for a hungry man)
Nineteen months, four words, commitment and wilderness
Ten out of ten or you suck
Is your (adult) life any good?
First steps of my 10,000-mile journey back home
The secular monk (who’s looking for a new monastery)
Whose unenviable position?
One single factor
Commitment and place
Story of two travellers
Excerpts from THE 95 POINTS
Postscripts, one to four

Becoming an entrepreneur and other options
The point, and the options on Wednesday, 3 June 1998
The 21st day in Johannesburg
Situation, problem and possible solutions
The next steps in my life
Stocktaking, November 1998
Disillusionment and new plans
Not a perfect life, but …
Last thoughts before Taiwan … First thoughts in Taiwan
New insights, February 1999


How does my life in Taiwan compare with my time in Korea?
It’s still life, and still worthy of your commitment
Korea: Greenhouse for my grievances?
The problem is … city planning!
What went wrong, and when?
Credible identity in a new community