Not a perfect life, but …

Wednesday, 2 December 1998

Someone with my background – middle class, tertiary education – basically have two options. One is to accept a job at a company or institution and to start working on a career and building up financial security, the other is to start their own business. I am not prepared to work for a company or institution on the long-run. That’s just how it is. I have also once again confirmed that I cannot commit myself to a business of my own. It will provide some satisfaction for a little while, but then what?

What are the other options? One is Foreign English Teaching: one-year contracts; good cash flow; you don’t need to live on debt and credit; relatively good living conditions; you don’t need a car; you don’t need to have a good credit record to get to a telephone; you live in a foreign country with a different culture than your own; life experience of a different kind; and finally, financial empowerment.

A perfect life? No. In more ways than you can count on one hand, it’s a terrible life. But it is a life in which you can empower yourself – in more than one area.