Post Untitled, volume two: Contents

Notes and other pieces of text from the year 2005

Please note: At the end of each note or piece of text a link appears to the next one.



Big Kahuna – bear the consequences – use your brain

Stamp collections or sex

Love – personality – consciousness – vocabulary

Senses – pregnancy – mortality – marriage

Purpose of existence – conventional life

Children and failure – good and bad

Bugger all to say – religion and identity

Prove your identity – being nobody

Source and function of identity

Vocabulary – the Source – dangerous frequency

Boredom – inner nature – wordless consciousness


Self-discovery – acceptance – living environment

Ability to serve a purpose – totalitarian state

On the way to somewhere

Brilliant teacup – time to appear

Estrangement – struggle – confrontation

Closed book – appearing – love

New relationships – romantic ideas

Final destination – short-term parking

Boredom – exotic South Africa

Rain in Bronkhorstspruit

MARCH 2005

Ordinary themes and tragedies that destroy

Wilderness – Moment of Birth

Thoughts – bazaar – measures

Being broke – own company – buy your time

Know the truth – cornflakes – right words

The purpose of existence 310305.doc

APRIL 2005

Dream of salt, two women and an egg

What you need – and must believe

Frustration – English teaching in Taiwan

Efforts and rewards – personal reality

What is love – creeping greyness – personal religion

Tendency to despair – foolishness

MAY 2005

Religion – calling – organic robot

Everything revolves around the POINT

To love someone – failure – independent wealth

Two people – value for others – redemption plan

Brand’s Wednesday class – Rick Warren’s book

Worthy of existence – teleology – reasonable philosophy

Advantages and disadvantages of an intimate relationship – to have children

Transformation – advantages of not appearing

Not a storyteller – progress – mortal/immortal

JUNE 2005

Value in the Greater View of Things

Decorative items – own importance

Certainty – uncertainty – miracles

Credibility – the environment and process of an intimate relationship

What was your process?

Coffee tables and identity

Truth and lies – question and answer

JULY 2005

The kind of adults we become

Free expression – matching bed linen – philosophy

Opinion – Voice from the Other Side – faith

Integrated view of existence – something broken – spiritual dimension

Statements and questions – four goals


Creative independence – advice about life – identity

Twelve minutes on my bicycle

Religious differences – understanding built on inquiry

At my happiest – choices and actions

Existential questions – enlightened vanguards – self models

Fruits of my labour


Red light traffic – How do you … – chaos

Middle-class intellectuals – leaving something behind


Lord of Misery – identity – circle of life

Triumph! Despite my assumptions

Age – flu – moral obligation – free will

Justify your choices – Hierarchy of Environments

Life is a train journey – bloody idealism


Working-class intellectual – grey world – thousand-year bones

Pull back from the detail – tapestry – personal loss

Vanguard of the bourgeoisie – Personal Agenda


Reducing years to a statement

A life that serves a purpose – intelligent, creative agent – or agents

Two extremes – get up and walk

Putting together a worldview – work that enables

Piece of paper without a date