White stuff on the cars

Friday, 29 November 1996

A whole new experience! [My one Canadian friend] and I went to a video store to watch videos. We left the store just after three o’clock this morning. It was raining, I thought, and immediately remembered that I didn’t put the basin under the leak in my room. Then [the Canadian] said it was snowing. I said I wouldn’t know. Then he said, “Look at the cars …”

Then I saw it – snow that covered the cars like blankets, and the “rain” falling softly to the ground.

After a snowball fight that lasted half an hour, we bought coffee at a vending machine next to the road and smoked some Omar Sharifs. I couldn’t stop looking at the single car in a parking area covered in snow.

Snow in the neighbourhood – Chonju, South Korea – November 1996
A new experience – November 1996