One single factor

Tuesday, 24 March 1998

Everything I’ve always said about freedom, financial debt, my own ideals, my aspirations, my dreams, achieving my potential, living as I’d like to live, crystallise around a single, essential prerequisite. I have seen enough, experienced enough, and read and heard enough to understand how important power is: The power to make choices and act on those choices. “Kto kgo?” asked Lenin. “Who (masters) whom?”

If you don’t want to play the role of the servant, the debtor, the person in self-imposed economic exile, for the rest of your life, stop running and start working, purposefully, effectively, with a single goal in mind: to acquire what will make you free – from creditors, bailiffs, poverty, and an insignificant existence, and free of economic masters who want to rule your life.

If I want to survive, in the first place, and then be able to get more out of life than mere survival, and to have the ability to exercise my choices, I’d have to work on obtaining the one resource that will make these things possible for me: financial prosperity. That’s all that remains.

Easier said than done? Not if it has taken your entire life so far, years of poverty, shame, embarrassment, and frustration to get to the point where you realise that this is the primary means to so much you hope to achieve.