Opinion on Israel since October 2023


My opinion of Israel has changed since last October.

It is now clear that a significant percentage of the Israeli population, and probably the majority of the political elite, have had a Final Plan in mind for decades for the Palestinian population of the biblical Israel.

The plan is to, if possible, force all Palestinians to flee across the border into Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt. And Palestinians who refuse to spend the rest of their lives as refugees will simply be wiped out – one by one, man, woman, child and old people, in cold blood, or dozens at a time with bombing campaigns. To encourage people to flee Israel systematically destroys every building or facility that can be used for education or medical care or any type of community activity.

And when the areas now under the control of the Palestinians have been emptied, and homes and schools and hospitals and universities and mosques have been reduced to rubble, Jewish immigrants from America and elsewhere in the West, along with citizens of Israel, will move in and build new homes, and new schools, and new hospitals, and new buildings to practice their own religion.

The Palestinian Problem will finally be solved.

People would give Israelis a dirty look for a few years, but – so I reckon, a significant percentage of the Israeli population and probably the majority of the political elite reckon – eventually people will forget, and they’ll move on to another horror story in another part of the world.

The dream will finally be reality.