The key to success

Monday, 29 September 1997

To feel good about yourself is to be motivated. To be motivated is to be active. To be active stimulates ambition. And if ambition is stimulated, things get done.

Money is not the only measure of success. There’s personal development, the way you look at the world around you, the way you look at yourself and your relationship with the world, and then to consider what you are capable of and how you can realise this potential. In terms of this, my time in Korea has been a great success.

Thursday, 18 December 1997

Criteria for a plan: mobility, environment, debt, but most of all – self-confidence. Self-confidence is everything. Without self-confidence I go numb, my legs go wobbly … I become sluggish and listless.

I need to keep going. I need an idea to believe in. I have to always work on something to keep my confidence afloat.

If I have confidence in myself, I am alive. Then I do things; I’m able to move forward. As soon as my faith in something withers, I tumble down like a bird shot through the wing.

Another a big problem is that money and self-confidence go hand in hand with me. To have money is to be able to exercise choices. And to want to do something plus to be able to do it equal self-confidence. To want to do something plus to not be able to do it because you don’t have money equal self-confidence nose-diving into the ground. It’s a simple equation.