Is your (adult) life any good?

Sunday, 8 March 1998

You usually get your first idea of what life is supposed to look like when you are a fully grown and mature adult from your parents. Eventually you reach a point in your pre-adult youth where you ask yourself: Is this life good? Is this the life I would want to live as an adult?

Perhaps you answer in the positive. Fine. But if your answer is “no”, then this dissatisfaction will set you off on an adventure you might only realise you are on years later.

The ideal situation is where you give a definite positive response when you look at your own adult life and ask the same question that you had asked about your parents’ lives. A positive answer will mean you are in a privileged position.

If you look at your own adult life and your answer to the question is negative, it is up to you to decide how long you will continue to struggle for a better life, and at what point you are going to give up, to simply be content with what you have.