Today is primitive – learn to appreciate it

Sunday, 16 March 1997

Thought for the day: Appreciate the primitiveness of the world you live in now.

Instead of stepping into the past and appreciating how things were at an earlier time, consider the future and imagine how things will be fifteen, twenty, or a hundred years from now. Then step back into the present and appreciate how “old” everything is – from toilets to computers, and telephones, newspapers, books, matches, lighters, cigarettes, screw caps, writing utensils, cars, buses, bicycles, toilet paper, clothes, refrigerators, radios, doors with locks and keys, clocks with hands, beds, bedding, movies in theatres, TVs, wine, beer, steaks and chips, dishes, laundry, razors and shaving cream, tapes, CDs, 14-hour flight overseas, letters with stamps (“people would buy small pictures that were worth a certain amount of money, then the picture was lightly pressed on the tongue to activate the adhesive, and then pasted in the corner of something called an envelope), journals in which a person makes entries at 02:30 in the morning …

I mean, just look at how much things have changed in the last hundred years! Can you imagine how things will change in the next hundred years with the tools of technological advancement created in this century!

Question: Where do so-called social revolutionaries fit in the future?