Lost and confused, but heading home

Thursday, 10 July 1997

01:40: On the way to Seoul.

08:44: The last eight hours went as follows: I was on a train from Chonju to Seoul for four hours – I waited outside Seoul train station for an hour – I ran around like a crazy person with all my luggage for more than an hour in the subway tunnels – I scurried for two hours at Kimpo International Airport – and now I’m sitting in seat 33A, on a plane that will complete the first part of the journey that will take me home. This is indeed the truth.

14:31: Singapore. I’m going to walk around to see what I can spend my money on.

Friday, 11 July 1997

01:14: On the way to South Africa, and totally [exhausted]. I didn’t think it was humanly possible to stay awake for so long. Did you know the brain weighs more than the heart?

04:15 (SA time): For 54 weeks, I lived for this – for this day. Nine months eventually became weeks … weeks became “next week” … “next week” became “this week” … “this week” … “tomorrow” … “tomorrow” … “today”.

“Today” has now been reduced to in about one hour we land in Johannesburg. The fantasy of 54 weeks is quickly becoming reality …

The time is drawing near – July 1997
On my way, in Singapore – July 1997
Boat in the business district, Singapore – July 1997
The Singapore river – July 1997
Barely awake, but still on the way – July 1997