Senses – pregnancy – mortality – marriage



Human beings, like other animals, use senses – sight, hearing, touch, smell – to know who they are, and to find their place in the world, time and time again.


1. Many people say they have dedicated their lives to their children – or they are currently doing so.

2. People do not have children in the first place for the children’s sake, but to satisfy their own deep desires.

3. Many people have children to improve their roles and sense of self-worth at the particular time and in the place where they live out their lives.

Conclusion: Planned pregnancy is a calculated step people take to give more value to their own lives, to play other, more fulfilling roles than the roles they have been playing up to that specific point in their lives, and to dedicate their lives to something “better” than their own survival in a world filled with suffering, disappointments, pain and sometimes unbearable boredom.

(Question: Why would I want to have children? For the same reasons …)


Data is processed from the moment of self-awareness …

One of these pieces of data that has run chills down my spine since my childhood is that of mortality – the idea that people perish, sometimes unexpectedly at a very young age, and sometimes after enough decades to count on both hands. Another truth that cannot be denied: even if the actual moment of mortality strikes at a ripe old age, after a long and fruitful life, it is preceded by age that plough the face full of wrinkles year after year, that makes the full mane of the young lion fall out until nothing but a shiny scalp with a few tufts of hair covers the skull, that makes organs fail and that weakens the muscles, and that causes the bones to become brittler by the day.


People marry whom they marry because they believe that specific person can give them what they need at that stage of their lives. In many cases, the rest of their lives are marked by a struggle to reconcile themselves with the choice they had made.