Prove your identity – being nobody


In the movie, Life As A House the main character says, near the end, something to the effect of “I’ve built myself the house that I wanted to be.”

* * *

“I will not get lost,” says Thibault in the film, Just Visiting. “You can only be lost if you have no purpose, and I have purpose.”


If you lose your passport, your identity document, your bank cards and all other personal documentation, there is no way you can prove your identity – except of course through other people who can verify who you are, and even to some extent what you are – good person? bad person? reliable? unreliable? criminal? swindler? teacher? artist? dentist? bank clerk? person of faith? liar? truth teller? friend or acquaintance? brother or sister or cousin? If you are in a place where nobody knows you, or where no one can be asked, you are nobody … you are who you say you are. And nobody – can have a fresh start.

[Even if you have a passport, identity document, bank cards and other personal documents, if you are in a place where nobody knows you, you are still nobody.]

* * *

Tom Cruise’s character in Vanilla Sky: “What is the answer to 99 out of 100 questions? Money.”