Big Kahuna – bear the consequences – use your brain


“What Larry means is, if you look at it from the standpoint of why we’re here, what we are is more important than who we are.” ~ Danny de Vito’s character (“Phil”) in The Big Kahuna to “Bob” after “Larry” (Kevin Spacey) noted that there aren’t really people at the convention, there are only functions.

[10/01/05: Naturally who we are influences to a large extent and for all practical purposes and appearances what we are, including at conventions.]

“God created women to be mirrors, so a man could see what an ass he is. When you talk to me about souls … a man does not know what his soul looks like … hasn’t any idea … what his soul looks like until he gazes into the eyes of the woman he is married to. And then, if he’s any kind of a decent human being, he spends the next couple of days throwing up. Because no man … no honest man, can stand that image.” ~ “Phil” to “Bob” in The Big Kahuna

* * *

The point of free will is this: you can do anything you want … as long as you are willing to bear the consequences.


To a large extent it comes down to how well you use your brain, not only in general, but for any specific period of, say, fifteen minutes.

If you have used your brain for fifteen minutes to decide how you are going to arrange the living room furniture … then that’s all well and good, but then those fifteen minutes are used up, they’re gone, you can never recover them. The same with the next fifteen minutes, or any other quarter of an hour of your life.