Transformation – advantages of not appearing

MONDAY, 23 MAY 2005


Some people want more than what is given to them; others know of more, but they are satisfied with the good things that are within their immediate reach.


What is transformation?

I look at myself and I see a functioning adult. When the whistle blows in the morning, I also start jogging along, at my own pace, and at the end of the day when the survivors are counted … well, so far I have been counted every time. If survival is the primary consideration, I make it as a working adult in the time and place where I have chosen to live out my existence.

However, various factors play a role in my conviction that I can do better, that I can live better, function better, show better results at the end of every day’s existence. The steps I decide on after careful consideration … that is transformation.

[19/06/15: To decide on steps is not transformation; actively starting to implement the steps can however be seen as the start of transformation.]

TUESDAY, 24 MAY 2005

Knowing that you have rustled the grass does not mean that the snake is not real.

* * *

When you do not appear, you do not feel embarrassed; you do not need to explain yourself; you do not need to apologise for aspects of your life or the state of your living space.

The benefits of an intimate, honest and serious relationship are well-known. I simply want to mention that there are advantages to not appearing – that is, to be alone.