Time for calculations again | About potatoes and vegetables

FRIDAY, 25 JULY 2003

I have, seeing that I love calculations so much, counted my friends in this place: “four” is the number I came up with. Of these four, two are men and two women. I currently don’t have contact with any of these people.

It’s Friday night, already five past midnight (Saturday morning, then). A deserted plain of a weekend stares me in the face. I reckon my spirits will be in the gutter by early tomorrow evening. I’m going to want to watch videos all night while rinsing down deep-fried tofu and calamari with ice cold green tea. Then I’ll accelerate my metabolism with one Nat Sherman after another in the false belief that it would prevent me from getting fat from all the greasy food.

I’ll have to get out. Battle for the Soul. Battle for Survival. I know I need people, but sometimes you’re forced to make another plan.

The weekend is an empty canvass, unsullied by actual events. Time to get creative, otherwise reality may get creative with me …


Eat potatoes or die – these are my only choices.

We all know what a balanced diet looks like – protein, dairy products, a variety of vegetables and fruits, and so on. But what do you do if you find yourself in a situation or environment that only has potatoes? Do you sit on a rock and cry, “I want fruit and vegetables, and milk and fish and eggs …”?

We all want to eat a balanced diet! We all know we need it! But there’s no fish or fruit or other vegetables at the moment! There are only potatoes! So eat potatoes or die!

Another thought: If you’re a millionaire, it is very likely the result of images you had nurtured in your mind at some point and actions that you had taken. Most “ordinary” people are convinced that they will always suffer. If they’re lucky, they keep their jobs until they’re 65 and then they retire with their aches and pains, and a small retirement policy or two. The fact is, if you imagine the right things and take the right actions, more than enough money can be one of the fruits you will reap.