Saturday 31 December 2022

I decided to break my own tradition this year and not write a year-end piece.

Normally I feel the need to spell out that the year that’ll be over in a few hours has been good.

I also feel it necessary to say for the record (seeing that this is what this corner of the global information network is: a record of my existence) that I hope the next year will also be good.

Because I have not, as far as I can remember, publicly complained about anything this year, I cannot claim at this late hour that the year has not been good.

And because I’m optimistic by nature, I also find it unnecessary to make it clear for the record that I’m optimistic about next year.

So, because I can’t include these usual statements in my end-of-year piece, about what else can I type words to publish minutes later for people in Argentina and Siberia and Alaska and Durbanville to read?


So, stay positive. Even if it doesn’t always make sense. (Unless, of course, someone wants to kidnap you. In that case, you have to expect the worst and fight like your life depends on it.)