If you are pursuing financial success, it matters if your bicycle creaks


I have always thought if you are pursuing financial independence, it doesn’t matter if your clothes are shabby, if you ride around on an old, creaking bicycle, or if you live or work in a slightly dilapidated building in a low-income neighbourhood.

Eventually, it also dawned on me: It does matter.

If, on the other hand, you produce literature – or if you insist on applying the label to yourself, if you are a “writer” – and you are simply looking for a place to work in silence, you wear clothes to cover your nakedness (mainly because of the weather or for the sake of other people), and your bicycle brings you wherever you want to be or should be, it truly doesn’t matter how shabby your clothes are, how much your bicycle creaks, or how dilapidated the building is where you live or work.

But allow me to repeat my original point: If you are pursuing financial success, these things matter. It affects how you think about what you do each day, it affects your mind, and it affects your motivation.