To do what you need to do


During my recent visit to South Africa, I discovered (or rediscovered) two guides that can teach me a lot about making money: My own mother, and my friend Gerald G.

Both earn full-time incomes, and they even contribute to other people’s incomes, by marketing their own ideas and projects.

I could probably organise both their businesses more efficiently, because, as I’ve discovered, the process is sometimes chaotic, they don’t always know whether they can really do what they say they can do, and their administration sometimes leaves much to be desired.

But, they make money.

Every month.


Two reasons why I got up every morning, years ago in the blackest days of teaching English, and did what I had to do:

1. I didn’t want to get into trouble. I had entered into agreements with schools and/or businesses to perform a certain task. If I had failed to pitch up for work, I would have had to explain my absence.

2. I knew if I did pitch up and did the work to which I had agreed, I received money – a specific amount on a pre-arranged day and time – that I could use in a variety of pleasant ways.

Motivation is sometimes a problem for me. I admit it. It will be irresponsible not to acknowledge this. It would be foolish not to consider it as something I should pay attention to on a daily basis.