Be reasonable: Make the most of everything you’ve got


Fuck that nonsense of age and “I am already x-years old” – as if we’re all going to reach 100 and you’re already 37 or 54 or 45 years closer to the target.

Here is a more reasonable approach: Be grateful for every single day you get. Make the most of every single day! Every day is a gift!


I am currently going through my notes from 2005. I have a much better idea these days how this material can work on the Internet, how it may be received, and how it can be distributed for maximum readership. I have a much better idea of these things thanks to many failures and many lessons learned since 2006.

SUNDAY, 2 MAY 2010

Read enough history, especially of war, and you would find that many national leaders are enemies of the people over whom they rule – or in whose name they are supposed to govern. Also, that people are in many cases too ignorant to realise that their leaders are, in fact, their enemy. (Most recently read about Europa, 1756 to 1763)

FRIDAY, 7 MAY 2010

“You may want to impress me with a version of reality that is not exactly positive, but I do not believe in a static reality. I understand reality as something that not only changes after we have thought about it and started taking action, but as something that changes because we thought about it in a particular way.” ~ from a conversation with myself