The process of making money and the people to whom you sell solutions



A question: Do I like people?

Preliminary answer: I think I like people; I just tend to keep them at a distance.


This is an interesting question.

To make money by selling things to people, you would have to be aware of their needs, their fears, their dreams, their desires, their pain, and their problems. Then you would have to consider how you can help them get where they want to be, or get away from where they do not want to be. You’d have to consider how you can help them fulfil their dreams, relieve their pain, or solve their problems.

Of course, you want to make money in the process, but I think that you will find if you offer real solutions, people will be eager enough to pay you – as long as you offer real value.

Can you make money by selling solutions if you do not really like people? Certainly anyone can add one and one together and figure out that there is a market for something, and figure out how they can give that market what they need or want without necessarily having any particular feeling for people. But, I think the whole process might just be easier, and maybe even more sustainable if you do recognise the individual person in the “market”, and if you have empathy or understanding for his or her hopes, and fears, and desires, and needs.


Most of my ideas, thoughts and notes these days are about making money. Now, talking about making money would be boring were it not for the light it shines on who and what you are, on how you position yourself in the world, on your relationship with other people, and on your historical relationship with, and view of, money.

FRIDAY, 23 JULY 2010

Don’t expect the path to financial independence to be intellectually stimulating. The most successful projects, the most profitable income systems may be extremely boring, with activities that can hardly compare to a good historical documentary or a stimulating argument or conversation. Let there be no doubt: Making money can indeed bore you to death.