As you think … you exist



I, Brand Smit, am grateful for the hundreds of people who read the pieces I have written.

I, Brand Smit, are grateful that I own 90% of my own time and can use it as I see fit.

I, Brand Smit, are grateful for the opportunity to teach other people what I have learned on the long road to success and financial well-being.


People should stop saying you have to THINK of a solution, or THINK about what to do. Your task is to optimise your situation. Eat healthy foods that positively affect your body; shower when you need to shower; comb your hair (if you have any) and do what you need to do to feel physically good; do light exercises; drink enough water or tea (or coffee if you prefer); make sure the room is cool and pleasant (or warm enough in winter); get busy with things you need to do, and make sure you get enough downtime in between. The answer, or the solution, will COME to you.


You think hard about what you’ll leave behind of your existence. Will there be anything worth cherishing, or would it be as if you were never here?

I have in the past been severely bothered to leave proverbial tracks in the sand that other people could see. But there is another way to look at it. There are people in this world who do much harm and injustice during their earthly existence. They don’t leave much behind that can be considered good by any measure. Any accountant who is worth his salt will conclude the final figure is a bold, red negative.

Considering this nasty reality, it suddenly doesn’t sound so bad to leave a ZERO on the final score sheet.


As you think, so you do.

How you think affects the results you produce.

Source: You – when you realise how true it is.