What if …


Let’s play a game. Let’s imagine I’m wrong in terms of 90% of the things I’ve been saying for the past few years.

What would this mean? It would mean that creativity is a luxury that can only be enjoyed by the wealthy, or then only as a hobby by the rest of us. It would mean that one should be grateful if you get any kind of job, and that you therefore have to be grateful for the privilege to address someone as BOSS. That if your services are no longer required by a company, it’s just your bad luck, and probably your own fault because you were dispensable in the first place. That by the time you leave high school – if you were so privileged to have spent twelve years in school – you should have worked out without any drama where you fit in the Great Hierarchy, and be ready to take your place with conviction. That you have to take what comes your way, and just accept it with a dignified “That’s just life.” That you should get married and start procreating as soon as you get a job, because that is what nature dictates, and what society requires. And that you would go to hell if you don’t believe everything the Bible says. It would also mean that banks, large corporations and the government are right because they are stronger than you. That you should treat the bank manager, the boss and the politician with respect because they are higher than you on the Hierarchy.

If these things are true and I’m wrong, I’m in deep trouble.

Anyways, where was I …