Unexpected lessons from the financial markets

FRIDAY, 2 MAY 2014

Trading on the financial markets is a writer’s dream. There is the story that you can (in theory) make money in your own time and in your own workplace. Because the trader does not have to appear to anyone much less try to sell them anything, it is also an honest way to make money.

What one does not always expect, however, is the range of emotions and feelings: disappointment, optimism, hope, and how you feel after making a mistake that nullifies all the small profits you’ve built up over the last hour.

Fair enough, if you experience such a wide range of emotions in one session, you certainly make too many mistakes, and you definitely still have some way to go. But even these mistakes provides the author with good material. Trying to eliminate mistakes and take more and more correct actions is a journey, a process of self-discovery – a tale of cautious optimism.

Throughout this process you learn that the ultimate goal is not just to make money, but to get your emotions under control, to remain calm under pressure and to do what you know is right. It is about building confidence in what you are doing, about knowing why you are doing it and why you are on the right path. It is about knowing why you will eventually succeed, and believing in yourself as an agent who can achieve this desired result.