A snippet of advice for a horrible reality


How many people do you meet every day?

You may be counting on your fingers a few people you meet on the train or at work, or at the pub.

I say, you meet dozens of people if you spend any amount of time on the road.

Do people have the same personalities as road users as in the rest of their lives?

I believe they do.

Now, if I am right, that’s bad news. That would mean a significant percentage of the general public – amongst them people with whom you work and rub shoulders on a daily basis, are alarmingly stupid, disturbingly immoral and of disgustingly low character.

The awful reality: Many people get away with who and what they are on the road, and in the rest of their lives.

An important piece of advice: If you are struggling to accept the existence of this stupid and immoral segment of the population, do not use the road, because that is where their behaviour can get you killed.

As for the rest of your life, you don’t have much of a choice. These imbeciles, these people of wickedly low character are everywhere. You can try to avoid them, but you will regularly fail. You will simply have to learn to live with them.