The biggest obstacle on my road to success


The word epiphany cannot be tossed about anytime you like. If I therefore say that “A few pleasant and unpleasant truths” from Friday, 13 March 2015 increasingly looks like an epiphany, I am clearly in a serious mood.

It also makes me feel like I’m in trouble. I have allowed myself to be seduced dozens of times over the years by optimism and faith in my own abilities. “Hey, that looks like something I can do!” was usually followed up with action without thinking about it too much. And before I could save myself from the edge of the abyss, I had started yet another project, committed myself to yet another job – more interesting books stacked in the proverbial bag that I couldn’t throw over my shoulder anymore.

I see other people who take on similar projects walk past me. “Good luck!” they shout over their shoulders as I taste their dust on a dry tongue. “Maybe your luck will turn one of these days!” someone else might add as an afterthought.

I am my own biggest resource. I am also the biggest obstacle on my road to success.