Word games


[The Irene Craft Market, forty kilometres north of Johannesburg, is a bustling epitome of creativity. Every second Saturday of the month people from everywhere in Gauteng (and beyond) set up stalls to hawk their paintings, handmade jewellery, homemade clothes, sausage rolls, pancakes, and homemade lemonade. My parents also make use of this opportunity to promote and sell their unique pottery collection, and to hopefully earn enough cash to fill up the tank and make it back home (about 160 kilometres away).

On this particular Saturday I also made my annual appearance, to appraise all types of homemade items, test as many sausage rolls for quality as I possibly can, drink coffee at R5 per cup, and stuff pretty much anything in my mouth that looks more or less edible and which I know I won’t get in Taiwan.

In between all the hard work I also took pictures of camels and recorded the following piece of scientific truth in my notebook:]



Struggle precedes creation. Belonging is the end result of commitment. But you also struggle whilst you create, and create whilst you belong. The one feeds the other. But struggle must lead to creation, as commitment should lead to belonging.