One of the things wrong with the world


At one point, there were people who were properly and correctly informed on a topic, and who could make a logical argument to prove they were on the right, or reasonable, side of the matter, and there were people who were wrong and uninformed about the matter, and who would resort to ad hominem attacks to conceal their incapability of making a logical, reasonable argument.

In response to the absurd, uninformed statements that one side would make, the informed, reasonable side would sometimes shake their heads, plant their faces into their palms, and say things like, “These people will believe anything.”

Then a terrible thing happened: The uninformed people, who could not make a logical argument to defend their position, began to imitate the reactions and behaviour of the informed, reasonable people. When an informed, reasonable person now substantiates facts and sets out a logical argument, the uninformed, unreasonable person also shakes his head, and occasionally plants his face in the palm of his hand. And, like a parrot who does not really understand the sounds he utters, he too will sometimes say, “These people will believe anything.”

Saturday, 26 February 2022

Then there’s this:

Person A presents a comprehensive, sensible argument with maps, graphs, verifiable facts, dates, confirmable direct quotes.

Person B: “This is propaganda! You’re clearly a puppet of [the enemy leader]! A shill! A useful idiot! Ha-ha! Don’t tell me you still believe that story! Ha-ha! These people will believe anything …”