My position on vaccines, natural immunity, and masks


On 11 November 2021, I received my first and only vaccination against COVID-19. At that point, I figured I was going to go to South Africa in the first months of 2022, where the Delta variant was still sowing panic. I already understood that the vaccination would not sterilise me against the virus, but reckoned it might alleviate my symptoms if I did get it. It sounded like a reasonable argument for vaccination.

However, I don’t plan on getting a second shot or any boosters. Reason number one is the fact that it is generally accepted that the symptoms of Omicron – which is now the dominant variant – are more moderate. Second reason is because I believe that SARS-CoV-2 has already become part of the family of more than 200 flu-type viruses that plague humanity every year, and that the only reasonable long-term resistance to it is natural immunity. This natural immunity is built up and maintained with repeated exposure to the viruses so that the immune system can make the necessary adjustments against genetic changes that occur continuously in viruses.

To give my immune system the best chance against SARS-CoV-2, I will do my best to stay fit and healthy, including following a healthy diet, enjoying regular fresh air and sunshine, and exercising at least five days a week. The only alternative is injections every four to six months for the rest of my existence.

This brings me to the third reason for my current position on vaccinations. I reckon there is a high probability that national health departments, international health organizations, and Big Medicine are not honest about the side effects of the vaccinations. And mass media and politicians cannot be trusted to make sure the truth sees the light, because of billions of dollars that flow annually from the coffers of Big Medicine to mass media and political leaders with decision-making powers on these matters.

Since we’re on the subject, I wear a mask when I cycle in traffic and don’t want to inhale the exhaust fumes of trucks, buses, cars, and scooters without the protection of some kind of filter. Also, as a teacher in a classroom with children who showed symptoms of flu or cold, I always preferred if they wore masks to prevent them from sneezing and coughing over me and other students. I also understand that doctors and other medical staff wear masks to protect themselves and their patients from bodily fluids containing bacteria and other germs. To be required to wear a mask everywhere in public, including when walking on your own in the park or on the beach while not actually having any type of flu symptoms, is, on the other hand, absurd.