Notes on the material and the character


Note about the protagonist

By the time one gets to “Personal Agenda, Book Three” the material is not about me anymore – it is about a character. This character’s name is “Brand Smit” – same as mine, and his story coincidentally corresponds 100% with my life. The reader, however, sees the character, “Brand Smit” in ways that are influenced by their own identities and agendas, and not exactly in the way I as “writer” view the character.


On the material currently under review

Many questions had to be answered in the evolution of my chosen role as a writer: In what genre do I want to write? What do I want to write about? How do I want to make my material available to the reader – print, CD-ROM, Internet? If in printed form, would I like to publish it myself, or am I going to send it to publishers until someone “approves” it? Also, what purpose do I want to serve with my material? Do I want to entertain people or lecture them? (My choice is to shed light on some issues that affect most people on a personal level.) Do I want to earn money with my material? Put differently, how important is financial compensation for my writing, which will of course affect content, style, genre and manner of publication?