Friday, 4 June 2004

None, or few notes do not mean I am not working. I’ve been busy the past few days … I did have the insight yesterday that people, if you consider them one-by-one, are only defenceless animals who try their best to stay alive and perhaps taste a little happiness between all the disappointments and failures and all the things that are not working out quite as they would have liked them to work out. (And then there are the “vulnerable” criminals, the “vulnerable” corrupt politicians, the “vulnerable” oppressors and exploiters of other defenceless animals …)


In March, I thought 4 June was going to be D-Day. It would be the end of the Commercial Dictatorship, and close enough to the beginning of my life back in South Africa.

The real 4 June was eventually dominated by the fact that my printer wasn’t working, so I couldn’t produce twenty copies of my collection of poetry that I had wanted to hand out to friends and family. So come and go the days of our lives …