Creative profit or not – the most recent opinion


The past year I vacillated a lot between business and free creativity, free creativity and business; more business, less creative work; more creative work, less business …

What I am saying now is that, for me, the optimal target is free creative work.

Some would suggest that that may mean one would have to spend eight hours a day or even more in a dull, uninspiring environment to earn a salary if you don’t earn a sufficient income with your creative work. Would it not be better then to try harder to make some money with your creative endeavours?

My answer: If your creative work is free and you can still make a profit from it, then great. But if you have to compromise the free expression of your creativity in order to profit from it, then you are losing too much.

Then I say, if you cannot avoid it, do your eight hours a day for a salary in an environment where you wouldn’t have been if it were not for your financial needs. If the result is that your creative work is free expression, it would be worth it.