Everybody wants to reach a point


Some people arrange their lives according to systems they believe will increase the likelihood that they’ll survive and at least half of the time feel good about themselves. Other people have goals they pursue. Regardless of whether you prefer systems or goals, or a combination of both, I think everyone aspires to what I can only describe as a point. Sometimes you are aware that you are striving for this point, sometimes not.

This point for many people is an ideal lifestyle – a specific way they would like to spend their days and nights on earth.

Some people’s point is to have a family, to play the role of mother or father to children of their own.

Then there are people who want to reach a point of almost inexhaustible financial means – to know they can buy whatever they want and do whatever they want, the well will either never dry up or the money spent today will simply be replaced tomorrow.

My point is to have the ability to get lost in an activity – it may be a writing project, or a book, or research on a topic that interests me. I want to get lost in an activity without needing to remind myself that I’d have to go out later in the day to sell something (usually my ability to do some or other activity) or do something else that is supposed to make money.

Most people don’t think about it on a daily basis that the real purpose they are pursuing is to survive that specific day and night. And if you survive, you do what you have to do to make your survival worthwhile. To have a point you are aspiring to is more than just a goal you hope to achieve. It is the inspiration that propels you forward; it helps to make your survival today worthwhile.