A revolution of a different kind


I am the Personal Republic; the Writer is the ruler with an iron fist. The Writer owns the most valuable resource, namely time (although he does allow the Teacher to earn enough funds to keep the Personal Republic afloat).

It has, however, become clear to all, including to the Writer himself, that the General State of Affairs cannot be maintained indefinitely under the current regime. The People have been complaining for too long. Problem is that talk of revolution has become so commonplace that no one raises an eyebrow anymore when someone mentions the possibility. Yet everyone knows that there is no other solution!

Unlike many other revolutions in the history of terrestrial civilizations, the structure is not the problem here. What needs to be changed, are the finances of the Republic. What is needed is neither a Cultural Revolution nor a Political Revolution nor a Spiritual Revolution. What is needed is a Commercial Revolution.

The Writer – clever as he is – is not qualified to set off or direct the course of a Commercial Revolution. No one doubts that the Writer’s Cause is a noble one, but One of Other Competency and Talent must be called in for the vital task ahead.

The People must be saved. The Teacher must be saved. The Student must be saved. And as things currently stand, the Benevolent Dictator must also be saved. It will indeed not be an exaggeration to claim that the Future of the Personal Republic rests on the shoulders of a Competent Commercial Leader.

The Writer knows what needs to be done. He Who Rules with an Iron Fist must do the one thing he fears like a rabid, emaciated hyena: He must abandon the grip he has on the hours that fill his days and nights. He must abandon his Exclusive Possession of Time, at least until things start looking better – on the financial front.

However, because Possession of Time is the key to power and to get anything done in the Personal Republic, this also means that the Writer will have to temporarily relinquish his position as Dominant Role Player. He will still be the Spiritual Leader, but for the sake of the Republic, the People, the Teacher and the Student, and for his own cause, time and with it the ability to do things rather than just talk about them must for a period of no longer than Three Months be handed over to One Who Does Not Write, to someone who will be in mind and spirit … a Commercial Dictator.

This Revolutionary Figure shall enjoy exclusive control of time. (Of course, the Teacher, to his regret, will still be nudged out the door every day to earn money for food and rent.) The New Leader will toil day and night for a Better Economic Order for All Characters. He will be dedicated to the Personal Republic – this everyone expects and knows, and he will do it for the Cause of the Writer.

The Commercial Dictator’s Revolution will be temporary as well as powerful. If he fails, the Republic risk going under. If he succeeds, it will be the beginning of a Golden Age. Measures that will be implemented during this period will serve as an Economic Model for a New Republic – ultimately again under the able leadership of the Long-term Dominant Figure.

The Writer shall assist the Temporary Dictator in the run-up to the New Time with propaganda banners, slogans and short speeches. But once the New Time has arrived, the Writer’s period of Self-imposed Silence shall commence. It will not be easy. The writer knows that he will have to shut his mouth and keep his typing fingers in his pocket. So it must necessarily be. Two dogs cannot nibble on the same bone at the same time. And two dictators can never at the same time rule the same republic with an iron fist. The Writer shall be silent, and his typing fingers shall only move when required to do so by the Commercial Dictator. So it will be for a period of Three Months.

Today is the Fourth Day of the Week, the Twelfth Day of the Second Month of the Year. In Eleven Days it is New Time.