A noble intention


I have decided I’ve written enough about “life”. It’s time to move on. I have asked enough questions and collected enough answer fragments. I’ve been trapped for long enough on a dance floor where I’ve tried a profound tango with Philosophy, and a heretical samba with religious doctrines. I’ve risked a waltz with second-year Psychology, an intimate anguish dance with History, a nice jiggle with Geography, and against the expectations of my high school teacher, also a few well-intentioned, but clumsy folk dances with Biology.

The time is ripe for other themes, and for other genres than my favourite, but by now hackneyed “piece” about “life”. I intend to write about other things from now on, like international money markets, the history of porcelain, who first thought of saying “Hello!” and why on earth I still don’t understand how a computer works.

The first of my new themes will deal with the flora and fauna of Taiwan