A few political paragraphs


Ultimately, what is “Black”? Is it skin colour? Is it language? Is it culture? Will a point finally be reached where there is a Black Hierarchy? Where you are 10/10 Black, or 7/10, or maybe just 5.5, and where you have to be a minimum of 7.5 to qualify for the appropriation of property and other resources? Will it happen that black South Africans with the “wrong” opinions are rejected as not-really-black? After all, historical precedent has already been set in America (read here and here), where black Americans with conservative opinions, who do not support the Democratic Party, are considered by some liberals (including white liberals) to be traitors to their race, and outcasts from the community of “true” African-Americans.


I understand young black students wearing T-shirts with statements like, “Kill all whites!” (And again, for the record, understand does not mean approve. It applies so much more in this case.) I don’t think it’s just anger towards white people. They are confused about their own parents, and the generations that came before them. It’s as if they want to say: “Explain it to us again: Why didn’t you push back harder against a minority government despite having numbers on your side – and the power of your labour! Why wasn’t your resistance more robust?”


A significant percentage of black South Africans in the late nineteenth century and most of the twentieth century fell for the “confidence trick” of White Supremacy (as many former citizens of the Boer Republics also fell for the splendour of the new British and English-speaking elite after the Second War of Independence [1899-1902]). And their children and grandchildren today are angry, and susceptible to racist politics – “Kill the white man” and so on, because among other things, they are ashamed of their parents and grandparents’ gullibility.