Wednesday, 8 September 2004


“What’s that? Your science project?”

“No, it’s my cousin.”

(Can you take credit, or blame for sentences that penetrate your grey matter, early in a new day, before your lips have even been close to a cup of coffee?)

At least a half a cup of coffee later …

People create art because they have psychological and/or emotional problems.

People break new ground, help other people, improve the way things are done … because they are serving their own agendas, and because they are trying to find solace for their own problems, and because they are trying to counter their own fears.

And seeing that it’s Wednesday, I can take a nice nap and get away from all the sentences that don’t always make much sense. Or so I thought …

I say: “That’s what you get when you want to barbeque on this corner! The dogs eat your meat!”

Then I say: “Fuck it. I’m gonna to wake up now.”

Consciousness on two levels?


A thought is brewing that I am quickly slipping back to the same place as before – and it’s not a good place.

I need something, a change, a transformation. And I know I was with my family just a few days ago. It was like cool water for a thirsty man. But I’m not necessarily talking about “going home”.

* * *

… no short-tern gratification, which leaves me with the impression that it is not worth the effort.