Three orange thoughts


I. Why do some Christians sometimes “slide” back to their “old ways”? One possible reason is because they are not comfortable with their new religious identities – identities which they themselves did not define but that was prescribed to them. (Which gives me a new idea: given, chosen, and prescribed?)

II. Occasionally one comes across a reference to the proverbial “peasant” – and to be honest, I also find the label useful from time to time. How would one define this type of person? A “peasant” is someone who does not question what was given to him or her, and who spend their days eating, sleeping, working, screwing, and spending time with other “peasants”. Of course this is a simplistic caricature, as is usually the case with labels, even though one if occasionally tempted to employ it.

My problem with the “peasant” label is that many good people are painted with this brush – kind, generous people. Also, the caricature is apparently brainless. If he is not and he takes a break from eating, sleeping, working, screwing, and spending time with other “peasants” and think about things from time to time, is he still a “peasant”?

III. People sometimes refer to other people who are “full” of themselves. My question is, what are they full of – of what was given to them, or of something they themselves have accomplished? Also, what is the opposite of being “full” of yourself?