The value of personal agendas


The value of personal agendas (I)

In the end, a personal agenda can be a catalyst for intellectual growth or for the pursuit of some or other ambition. Plato also needed his own personal agenda – opposition to the relativism of the Greek philosophers known as the Sophists – to come up with “universal and particular” – concepts that a had significant influence on the development of Western philosophical tradition.


The value of personal agendas (II)

If the four members of the Beatles had not rebelled against their given selves and the options of adult life that were deemed appropriate considering what had been given to them but had in fact wholeheartedly accepted these things, they would quite possibly have become dockworkers or teachers of office clerks in Liverpool.

If Vladimir Lenin’s brother had not been arrested by agents of the Tsar’s regime and later executed, Lenin’s personal agenda may not have driven him to playing a vitally important role in the establishment of the Soviet Union.

In other words, accept yourself … to an extent?

[In the language of the digital age: I accept my operating system to a degree, but here is nevertheless a few hundred additional lines of code that I want to work in.]