The sins of the SOURCE are paid a visit …


People receive the information that gives them an initial indication of who and what they are or who and what they are supposed to be – the building blocks with which identity is constructed – from a SOURCE, or rather several “agents” of a SOURCE.

My question: What if the SOURCE is flawed for a variety of reasons, or if it is spoiled? (What would it mean to call a source spoiled?)

Also, what is the purpose of the SOURCE? Is it not to enable the person to function in a particular place and at a particular time? Then the SOURCE should be evaluated according to this purpose, right?

When is a SOURCE spoiled? How many people’s programming and functioning must be flawed to a large extent because of the SOURCE before the SOURCE can be labelled as fatally spoiled?

If a primary objective of the SOURCE is to enable people to develop a good idea of who and what they are and to make functioning possible, what is the primary purpose of human existence? To establish identity and to function successfully? What is “successful functioning”? Survival? I don’t think so.

I believe if the SOURCE is spoiled, it reduces the likelihood that people will realise their true goals. A SOURCE that is spoiled is like cancer that must be identified and removed from the body to give it a chance to survive.

[In the last paragraph I allowed a reference to “true purpose” to slip through. Is there such a thing? Is it furthermore possible that a “spoiled SOURCE” can still lead to a good life that serves a good purpose, precisely because of the life journey on which a person was thrust by the “spoiled SOURCE”?]