The fuller meaning of the “given self/chosen self” idea


I am going to annoy myself if I continue saying it, but I don’t think I am fully aware of the full meaning and implication of the given self/chosen self idea.

Fact is that people sometimes burn up decades trying to sort out what they are supposed to do. They spend years looking for “true” answers, their “real” selves, their “right” place in the world, where they supposedly “really” belong … without realising they basically have two choices: accept to a large extent your given self and function as such, within the particular framework of given place and time, or choose who and what you want to be, and where.

As I have previously also mentioned, the latter choices will always be constrained by the given self, by fate data and by needs of the community, and particularly to given time. Still, OPTIONS DO EXIST.

Some people may always remain a victim of given time and place, but ask yourself an important question: Am I a defeated victim of given time and place, or is there room for me to make choices?