The emergence of the New Middle Ages


A short while ago a thought came to me – inspired to some extent by Michael Moore’s documentary film, Capitalism. The thought is about the emergence of a new aristocracy, the increasing decline of middle-class socio-economic stability, and more and more formerly middle-class people whose lives, considered from a certain perspective, resemble those of peasants in the Middle Ages.

Where do I stand in this world?

There was a time when I identified with the working class – or at least my idea of the working class. There was also a time when I expressed willingness to “make peace” with the middle class. Now I say, “Don’t get caught on the wrong side of the line.”

I have spent the last few years learning a thing or two about how your background and your upbringing affect your relationship with money, how it affects how you view “work”, and ultimately how it determines where you end up in this world. I have also learned how difficult it can be to de-learn certain things, and to change your attitude towards work and money.

Nevertheless, I believe in my own ability to improve my life. I also believe any person can improve his or her life if they believe they can, and are willing to make the necessary changes. Finally, a peasant I do not want to be. As regards to the middle class, I believe the dream is not what it used to be a few decades ago.

* * *

Practical implication of the above text: Learn to develop and maintain a half dozen or more sources of income. Work for your own “company”. Only sell your time on a contract basis if you have already established other sources of income, and you are still actually working for yourself – which means, in real terms, the less dependent you are on the person who pays you, and the less of your time is linked to his or her profit, and the less dependent you are on this person’s or these people’s consent and/or approval of how you make use of your time, the better.