My opinion on the Russia-Ukraine situation


1. I hope for all concerned, especially civilians and military personnel directly involved that the conflict will soon be over.

2. I have sympathy for the Ukrainians who will suffer because of this military operation.

3. Know that NATO and the Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Biden administrations are the primary cause of this conflict. Their foolishness, ignorance and the greed of weapons manufactures always looking for new markets led directly to this situation.

Kim Iversen, American radio-host and journalist, mentioned, to the chagrin of several people of Twitter, that the best thing Ukraine can do is to give up. According to her, fighting or resisting will only make the situation worse and postpone an inevitable Russian victory.

(In case the tweet doesn’t load, click here for a screenshot.)

One could add: Doing so might be the quickest, least painful, and least costly way to counter the foolishness of NATO and the recklessness of US administrations over the past three decades. Eventually Ukraine will have amicable relations with both the EU and with Russia, but will not be a member state of NATO, and will thus never host NATO soldiers, nor missiles and military hardware pointing in only one direction.