Expect the worst, but hope for the best


What do you do if you think there is a strong possibility that the rotten fruit will hit the fan in the next twenty years?

Develop sustainable systems to keep yourself as fit and healthy as possible.

Learn to grow your own food.

Learn new skills and sharpen existing skills. Learn the basic vocabulary and sentence structures of additional languages. Learn skills that will be of value to other people regardless of whether the “fruit” hits the fan, but especially if it does.

If you’re going to rely on assets in the cloud or on paper, invest in good health insurance.

Invest in small items that will have exchange value, such as gold and silver coins and other clusters of gold and silver.

Develop new relationships and keep existing relationships healthy. You have to put your trust in something.


Best to hope the fruit doesn’t hit the fan. Nothing will be easy. Even if you have hundreds of pieces of gold and silver and other jewels to exchange for food and medical care and so on – how long will it take before someone realises that you show up every few weeks with a valuable item, and follows you back home? You have weapons to keep intruders out? How long before people who don’t have guns, and who know what they can get if they can put a gun to someone’s head, rob you of yours? How long before people raid your vegetable garden?

Of course, you need to prepare for more than one future scenario. But don’t think the zombie apocalypse will be a walk in the park because you have a hundred gold coins in your safe, a vegetable garden in your living room, and an AK-47 next to your bed.