Saturday, 31 December 2011

The last day of the year is like the last waking hour of the day: Some people suffer from mild shock and disappointment that it’s over, that what you couldn’t get done today would have to wait for tomorrow.

In a few hours, 2011 will be over.

This has been a good year – a special year. The relationship between Natasja and I was of such a nature from the start that we didn’t need a document to know we belong together. Nevertheless, last month, after almost seven years together, we officially and legally swore love and allegiance to each other. On the working front, I focused mainly on two commercial projects. And in February, I once again started spending the best hours of my days on my writing projects – something that has since become an almost daily reality. Lastly, I spent some serious time over the last twelve months with a dentist named Harmony, with the happy result that I can once again eat properly.

From the position in which I find myself at this moment, because of what I have done between Saturday, 1 January and today, Saturday, 31 December, 2012 appears as if it might just be another good year.

A note from Tuesday, 4 January 2011 might be fitting at this point: “A year in one’s life is like a child. You can plan, you can prepare, and you can have high expectations. But ultimately, the child must be allowed to go its own way, to develop its own character. You can, and should, provide guidance, but in the end you have to make your peace: Do your absolute best, and trust for the rest.”

May 2012 be a good year for myself, for my beloved, and for all our friends and family. And may it be a good year for all the good people on this planet who hope and strive for a better day, every day of their lives.