[The reader may wonder what the purpose is of the odd notation on lunches and Saturday evening barbeques where the same mysterious young woman is present every time, just as luck will have it. Except for my hope to brighten the text a bit with the idea that I am not a fleshless phantom who spends all day behind his computer or notebook, these pieces of text are inextricably intertwined with a matter more intellectual in nature … RECOGNITION and APPEARANCE.]



Note I: The WRITER’s complaint

I am in a situation where I have befriended two 25 year-old women, with the view of engaging in romantic adventures with one of the two. My complaint is that I believe I am not appearing as I would like to appear.

As what and who would I like to appear? As … (drum roll) … the Writer.


Note II: The insight hits


As long as I remain “unpublished”, I will not get recognition for the most important work I have done over the past ten years, and I will therefore not be able to appear to others (read: to a specific young woman to whom I am attracted) as I see myself.


In other words, unpublished means no recognition means inaccurate or incomplete appearance.


Note III: The insight hits with more impact

“It’s so simple only a genius could have thought of it,” Albert Einstein apparently said of Jean Piaget. What is so simple in my case? The connection between RECOGNITION and APPEARANCE!

I can’t believe it has taken me so long to pick up on this! It also speaks volumes that recognition is something I have always viewed with suspicion, because it says “need” and “other people” and do things so that people think X, Y, or Z of you.

Still, if you do not get recognition for your most important work, you cannot appear as you see yourself. It is so simple you must be stupid to not grasp the importance of this! (And I am known to be slow at the best of times …)

The inevitable follow-up question: For what would you want to get recognition?