Poor Brand (parts 1 & 2)


Poor Brand (part 1)

So, “Brand Smit” is back at home on Friday, 24 September 2004 at 21:36 with all his dreams, ambitions, frustrations, and measures to ensure daily survival.

What is he going to do tonight to give value and meaning to his life?

Tomorrow morning he is teaching for two hours, and another two hours in the afternoon. Tomorrow evening he will probably be on his own – again.

This state of affairs will continue until Monday afternoon when he has to leave his home at 16:23 to teach another class.

Poor Brand, whatever will he do to ease his miserable situation?

The struggle for the self, and the associated shell shock

For many people, the process of attaining self-knowledge and seeking answers is a war of attrition – wait and try, wait and try, and hopefully everything is over before Christmas …

Does this process eventually provide sufficient answers? Some questions are resolved, to be sure, but I think many people remain shell-shocked from the process for the rest of their lives.


Poor Brand (part 2)

So here stands Brand Smit, sucking on an L&M Charcoal “Especially Smooth” cigarette. It is Monday morning, 27 September 2004 at 01:23. Has he taken actions since Friday evening to give his life value and meaning, or to make his life worth living? Was he involved in any incident that could advance these matters?

He did have a nice discussion with two young female students Saturday afternoon. He did go downtown Saturday evening where he enjoyed dinner with some friends and acquaintances. He also attended a barbeque earlier this evening – Sunday evening – hosted by a group of 22 year-old Economics student to which he was invited by one of the two young women with whom he had had a pleasant conversation Saturday afternoon.

He has thus made several appearances in the world outside his apartment door since last Friday, both professional and social. He has, as is usually the case, delivered a satisfactory performance of “Person Brand Smit”.

So how does he feel at this moment, on Monday, 27 September 2004 at 01:30 in the morning?