Pale | descendant | I still live


Pale: Sometimes it feels as if everything is in vain, that I only believe in good things and hope for a better day because … the alternative is too terrible. At the end there is only one thing that makes life worthwhile and that is love. Without love you have nothing, not a damn thing, not so much as a dust particle in your eye to annoy you and work up a bit of emotion. All you have is negative space, negative emotion that always threatens to collapse in on itself. One step forward, a hundred steps back …


jog through nettle bushes
role like the wind
I am nature, and I’m fire
and its child, and that of light

yet I find too little
late at night and in the morning
that is sure, and anchored
to which I can tie my faith and hope

love must surely then
be the sole remaining answer
we are after all more than spirit
we are also naked skin and flesh

so roll on closer like a tumbleweed
touch my face and feel the wind
I am the fire, the earth
I am like oxygen and soil

because I, like you, are descended from the darkness
but call the light my father and my mother
born from primal shame
I will follow my salvation till the end

I still live behind my barricades; I just keep myself busy with more productive things these days.