Note number 517 to myself


Stop fighting with every man and woman on the street.

Stop arguing with every person you encounter.

Stop making use of every opportunity you get to start a quarrel.

Stop being the dog that chases every cat whose smell the wind drives towards him.

Stop being the dog that barks up each and every tree, whether there’s a cat in it or not.

Fight the battle where you have a reasonable chance of success.


If you’re in a meaningful relationship … Or, let me make it more personal. I think my relationship with Natasja makes it easier for me to allow myself to be happy. The reason is that I know the happiness of the woman I love, and whose welfare I care about, depends to a significant extent on whether or not I am happy.

If you don’t allow yourself to be happy, the people closest to you will be affected by it. If you care for the people closest to you, if you sincerely hope that their daily existence will see a degree of happiness, you will permit yourself to be happy.

It is the unselfish thing to do.