New or old metaphor – hi-valu


A new or old metaphor

A new or old idea (doesn’t matter): a mass that bursts (like an egg that is broken) that after a while reconstitutes – in a different form; never exactly the same.

A similar thing happens with speech: certain ideas and images form in my mind; I formulate a sentence and the ideas and images “burst” from of my mouth as sounds understandable to the listener, and reconstitute a fraction of a second later in the other person’s mind – and her response to what I had said possibly points out that the ideas and images that had been in my mind did not reconstitute in 100% the same form.


Hi-valu – for those who value it

My role and function in society is in the first place to provide social commentary, and secondly (when possible to do so), to provide what financial assistance I can to make other people’s lives worth living.

You may ask, “Who wants your social commentary? Who asked for it?”

My reply would be, “Some people might find it useful, and some might regard it as an unnecessary waste of natural resources. I accept the difference in opinion, and write for those who value it.”