Math and science – questions start


To possess the right math and science

Many people like to say that life is not just math and science. I believe it is – we just don’t have all the formulas yet.

Two thousand years ago all matter also consisted of atoms – most people just did not know it yet. A thousand years ago people also had the intellectual capacity to design a rocket and put someone on the moon – they simply had not yet mastered the necessary math and science.


When the questions start

We know what we need to know in order to function more or less successfully at least half of the time. As soon as our needs change, or as soon as we become aware of a problem in how we function, we start asking questions, and we start looking in other places for better answers than what we had been reciting up until that point in our lives as our own, or that we had reckoned over the years up until that moment to be our particular versions of the answers that had been given to us.